…accelerating access to the specific resources each individual needs over a lifetime. It’s what we strive for each and every day.

Information & Referral (I&R) assists those who may not know where to begin or where to turn when faced with the challenges of autism. Looking for help can be daunting and often means locating dozens of websites and searching through a maze of agencies and services in the hopes of finding one that can provide the services or support you need.

Parent Ally

At the Autism Society of Georgia (ASG), we believe that the best way to support those touched by autism is to be their Ally, not their advocate. To us, an Ally is someone who meets you right where you are — financially, geographically, and emotionally. An Ally is someone who just “gets” it. Our Parent Allies live the life you live, we understand your frustrations and fears, and we celebrate your joys and success.

Our Parent Allies provide that one-to-one support to ensure you get to the right resource. To reach our support hotline call our toll-free number: 1-(844)-404-ASGa (2742)